This guy is so cool. While it’s true that during the week, he is in pajamas until 3PM, and usually only changed out of them because he’s covered in finger paints or guacamole. But on the weekends, ooooh, on the weekends, does this kid get to look the part of the LHS inspiration.

On Saturday, Nate and I had a Valentine brunch, while he kicked back with Gramma (and the green tractor, affectionately known as Little Green Tractor) in his LHS Onyx Beanie, Sugar Rush t-shirt, and his Camo pants from Geo Fox.



toddler hipster clothestoddler hipster clothes



We spent Sunday visiting Nate’s aunt in Westchester, eating meatball subs and watching the Olympics (amazing, right?) -- I love going up to visit her, because it’s like a really really lazy Sunday, but we take 2 hours round trip to get there, so it feels like we’ve actually done something with our day.

Of course, Eli has to dress to impress when seeing his favorite (and only) Great Aunt, so we decked him in a bright t-shirt from Target, our favorite cardigan and another pair of pants from Geo Fox (by the way, I’m obsessed with these pants -- when we want something a basic pant, these are my go to. Jeans are a disaster when you’re newly potty-trained, and these have a stretchy waist so we can slip them on and off super quickly).



clothes for kids



Hope you all had an amazing love-filled weekend!