A mom must always be prepared for anything, so your diaper bag needs to be fully equipped with the essentials for you, the baby and the elements!


Skip Hop Changer : Portable changing table that can be thrown in your diaper bag or around your wrist for easy use while you’re out and about.

Diapers: We are Honest Company loyal. So I always have these fun printed ones stuffed into the Skip Hop.

Wipes: Can be used for diaper changes, food spills or when the baby drops her toy on the streets of Brooklyn and it needs to be wiped down.

Soothies: P uses these at naptime, instant zonkout.

Nursing cover: For feedings, but also can be used to cover the stroller seat as a blackout curtain during nap time.

Arm & Hammer diaper bags: These things are life savers. Think doggie bags for diapers when you’re on the go.

Sophie: Obviously, this is a no brainer.

Change of outfit: Blowouts will happen, messes will be made. No one wants to have a naked baby around town because they weren’t prepared!

Little Hip Squeaks Blanket: This can be an everything item. Great for the park, as a burp cloth, for warmth and so many other things.


Water Bottle / Milk Bottle / Ella’s Squeeze Pack / Lipstick / Travel Size Coconut Oil



Amy Parker Anderson from Parker Etc blogs about fashion and beauty, plus life in NYC with her 8 month old daughter -- who happens to be one of our favorite LHS headband models, ever.