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bus·y /ˈbizē/: having a great deal to do.  Work, PTO, soccer, gymnastics, MOPS, dating my husband, maintaining a semi-decent social life, and attempting to relax is a lot to fit into a 24 hour day but it has to be done. And if it can be done in style that’s an added bonus! In this post I’m going to show you how this poppy MAMA swing dress can take you from 9-5, to after work activities, and to finally kicking your feet up after a long day. Tights // Booties I have worked in the finance industry for almost 12...

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J&J [patch] Project

We are so incredibly excited to bring you our new J&J PATCH collection! You thought our clothes were the best, just wait until you add an ice cream patch to your favorite tank jumper or throw your kiddos name on her swing dress! In this post, I will be going over how you apply the patches. I chose to personalize a cardigan for Moses and give Millie rainbow flare on her long sleeve ballet top.  [STEP ONE] Place patches where you want them.  [STEP TWO] Turn on iron. I put mine on the cotton setting. [STEP THREE] Place a pillow case...

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 Our second round of team Holiday cards! I hope this inspires you to throw on your MAMA and get in the shot! xoxo, ARG, AB, SP, AD, DW, BW, & CP

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Is there anything better than receiving Christmas cards from friends and family? I'm pretty sure it's the highlight of my year. As a team, we decided there is no better way to show you how we will style our new MAMA line than in our own holiday cards! We hope you enjoy! xoxo, LW, BC, HM, AK, JE, & TA

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Want an easy night in with friends? A pie night where you each bring a pie to share is an easy and fun night! Last nights MAMA'S pie night out was such an incredible night of eating too much pie, making bath salts, drinking champagne, and trying on the new MAMA line! It was truly a night to connect and get away (even if I was at my own house). One of the things that I love so much about this company I work for, is their ability to love and care for the mama's that walk along side them....

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