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New Year's Resolution: Vacations!

It seems that many of us travel less as our family grows. I get it. I’m guilty, too. Traveling is a lot harder when it means suitcases have gone from one or two to half a dozen or more now. The quantity of luggage handles have quadrupled, but your number of arms and hands to carry it all with has stayed the same.

However, kids should are the best reason to travel. Exposing your kids to different scenery and cultures can be among the most enlightening and fun experiences that they’ll have in life. Even if you’re sticking states-side, there’s endless beauty to be seen. Here are a few beautiful destinations that offer diversity in scenery but the affordability of non-international flights.

1. Honolulu – Oahu

Treat your kids to a genuine tropical destination. International flights are not needed to feel out of this world with Hawaii’s serene beaches. Don’t forget about snorkeling, hiking, and surfboarding.


sunset on Oahu

2. Florida – Palm Beach

A great destination year around, Palm Beach offers sprawling beaches with fun local activities and restaurants.

3. California – Yosemite

Go river rafting or take a hike through the trails of Yosemite National Park. Nature lovers, Yosemite is for you. With rock formations like El Capitan dotted along the vast horizon, you’ll educate your kids on the beauty of nature and get in some family bonding time.



4. Arizona – Grand Canyon

Hiking, rafting, and kayaking are just a few of many adventures that await at the Grand Canyon. Aside from being a budget-friendly haven, Grand Canyon also boasts its kid-friendly activities.

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