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Thank You For Being Part of Our Family

The month of January is not only a time for new beginnings (and an amazing word for part of a company name) but it is also a time to embrace the good around you. What do I mean? January is also National Thank You Month, the perfect time for expressing gratitude.

hip baby clothes



From my family to yours, thank you so much for your continuous patronage. Throughout our early beginnings and into our current love-affair from celebrity customers, it is an honor to be your choice for hip baby clothes.

Many of you know the history of June & January, but some do not. June & January started as a side project. I was pregnant at the time, and I wanted to keep my hands busy. I began to sew newborn hats for my soon-to-be-born baby. After interest from friends and family, June & January experimented with social media. Social media expanded to e-commerce. And e-commerce exploded to where we are today. All thanks to you.

You've been with us since day one, and you’ve also told your friends about us, and that’s awesome. You inspire us to be creative. You motivate us to keep creating. In recognition of National Thank You Month... thank you, thank you!


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