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Valentine's Day Fashions: Prepping the Red Outfits

Valentine's Day is here. Is you dinner-date attire ready? But of course, gearing up your love-themed garb also means prepping your kiddo's attire, too. Here are some of our favorite pink-colored fashions for Valentine’s Day.

The Tank Jumper

Lovely and cozy, this lightweight jumper is perfect for all seasons. For little guys, pair it with a hat or bandana. For girls, pair the tank jumper with a knotted headband.


pink tank jumper


The Lounge Pant

The lounge pant is the perfect garment for playful kiddos. Its lightweight, stretchy fabric and narrow leg quality allows babies to run, crawl, and jump comfortably. Complete the romantic Valentines'esque combo by pairing lounge pants with a red shirt or dress.


Valentines pink lounge pant


The Swing Dress

Our swing dress is the ultimate classic. Pair it with our knotted headbands for ultimate Valentine's awesomeness. Watch out. Cute little angels are on the loose.


pink swing dress

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