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5 Fun Ways to Keep Toddlers’ Teeth Clean

We’ve all hogtied a child or two to brush their teeth, right? In recognition of the National Children's Dental Health month, it's time to evaluate our toddlers' teeth brushing habits. Here are some effective ways that you can tackle teeth cleaning without literally tackling your child.


childs toothbrush


1. Brush with them. Little ones love to have companions - siblings, relatives, babysitters, or parents. They are more likely want to brush their teeth if they're with someone doing the same thing.

2. Trick them with colored edibles. I came across an online community of moms who had a genius idea. They deliberately let their toddlers nibble colored foods that would get all over their teeth. And when the pearl whites turned colored, they challenge the kids to revive their pearly white color.

3. Praise or reward them after brushing. Having kids brush for a prize will help them develop the routing of habitual brushing.

4. Make a silly game, pretending you'll turn into something when they brush well. You can pretend that you'll transform into a dragon or an elephant once they brush their teeth well. Prepare your mask and props. And don't forget to break out the loud sounds. Fun for you, effective for healthy teeth.

5. Help them “get something” out of their mouth. What is that nasty piece of food stuck in their mouth? What? Don’t you see it? Keep looking. ;)

Pretend that there’s something stuck in their teeth that you must get. Maybe it's a little frog, or an ant, or a camel. Use your imagination and think of animals that they know.


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