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3 Must-Watch Animated Films about Love

Valentine's Day is not just about romance and gifts, albeit who doesn’t love those things? When Valentine’s become a family affair, love should be in the home even without the fancy sweets. Gather the whole family and watch some of these kid-friendly animated films about love.


Valentines Day


1. Beauty & The Beast (1991)

A Walt Disney animated classic, Beauty and the Beast is one of the most romantic animation films ever created. This movie is not just romantic but also enchanting. In 2002, the Library of Congress classified Beauty and the Beast for preservation into the National Film Registry.

The film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture, Academy Award for Best Original Score, and Best Original Song. It was the first animated film nominated for an Academy Award (Best Picture category).

2. Shrek (2001)

The green ogre is coming for his favorite dish - worm stir-fry, beetle juice ripple, and swamp rat kebabs. Perfect for both kids and parents, Shrek offers a balance kid-friendly, adult-oriented humor with a twist of love and adventure. Shrek won the first ever Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

3. Tangled (2010)

Tossing aside the traditional "melancholic princess" story, Tangled brings to life a fascinating comedic adventure infused with romance and interesting characters. This film was nominated for various awards such as Golden Globe Awards for Best Animated Feature Film and the British Academy Children Awards for Favorite Film. The International 3D Society Creative Arts Awards recognized the film as the best 3D scene of the year.

The film's song "I See the Light" also reached mainstream success. It won both the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media and the Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award for Best Song. Warning: The melody is addictive.

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