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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

It is important to teach children about protecting Earth. With a little creativity, kids can develop eco-friendly habits and have fun, too. In recognition of Earth Day, here are some Earth-loving ways you and your kids can spend time together.

  1. Beautifying the yard. Head down to the local garden center and buy some flower seedlings or any ornamental plants. Let the kids plant and water them. Encourage them to beautify the areas with stones, branches, or any nature-like stuff they find. Let their creativity flow so they can see the beauty in nature.
  1. Re-use old/unused items and turn them into craft projects. With spring cleaning comes the accumulation of empty boxes, broken toys, trinkets, etc. Why fill up the garbage when you can re-purpose some thing with the kids? Prepare scissors, glue, coloring pens, and colored papers. Turn your accumulated de-clutter objects into artwork.
  1. Nature detectives. While the sun is up and the kids want to go outside, let them explore the backyard as junior nature detectives. Ask them to investigate the yard. What do they think of the withered leaves? What animals have they seen? Afterward, let them write or draw what they saw and ask them some questions about their detective work.
  1. Cleaning competition. Kids love contests. Organize a competition amongst siblings where the winner is the kid who collects the most thrash. See how they de-clutter their rooms, the living room, and the kitchen.
  1. Water the plants. While watering, explain that plants can't live without water and we all depend on water. Explain why conservation and protection of our water resources is important. Let them understand that water is an integral part of our lives.
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