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Saturday Morning Project // Stamped Tote Bag

I was so excited when my sweet friend Phoebe of Elsage Designs sent me this amazing little DIY Tote Bag Kit. Just mentioning the word "project" gets Eli's blood pumping, and this was no exception. All you need is a carrot (or in our case, a fingerling potato), some wax paper and an iron. The kit includes everything else to make this pretty darling tote.


Saturday mornings are always about killing time until our favorite brunch place opens at 11AM. Eli usually wakes up around 730, so the morning is filled with cartoons and pretending our couch is a mountain to be climbed. I woke up this morning and decided this project was a perfect way to distract myself until poached eggs were in my belly, and to keep Eli from destroying our furniture.


hipster baby clothing



Although the kit is intended to be a Polka Dot Tote, I had high expectations that Eli would make something abstract -- and that was definitely OK with me. He needed just a bit of guidance that all the ink didn't need to be in one corner of the tote, but eventually he got the hang of it.






He absolutely LOVED this project, and it was super fun to watch him with his concentration face on. He got a little prissy about ten minutes in because there was ink on his hands, so that's when we called it quits. I'm happy to report that the 15-foot walk from the dining room table to the bathroom did NOT result in any black finger prints on the wall.





I'm probably being biased, but this kid has serious artisitic talents. I mean DO YOU SEE HOW AWESOME THIS LOOKS?!? We haven't stamped the other side yet, but I think I'll leave it as is because HELLO THIS IS AMAZING. MY KID IS A GENIUS.


All we have to do now is iron it so the ink sets...which requires me figuring out where our iron has been living for the last two years.


  • sarah

    So sweet! :)

  • susan

    Love it-and yes, he is an artistic genius! I’d buy it!

  • Allie

    this Saturday morning project is AWESOME! can we also talk about how gorgeous Eli’s hair is?!

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