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Make Them Clean: Tricking Toddlers into Loving Chores

The best thing about toddlers, is that they’re too young to realize when they’re being suckered. I often use this theory when various cups are scattered around the apartment, and need to be tossed into the sink, or when boots need to be neatly lined up by the front door.

Recently, I’ve been convincing Eli what a pure JOY it is to clean the house. Sweeping, vacuuming, washing countertops. Today, I had a brilliant idea that I should get him to clean up the filthiest item in the house; his high-chair. I suppose we could lie and say that we’re teaching him about chores at an early age, but trust me, this is in no way altruistic.

Because my mother is also in on this ‘scamming toddlers’ fiasco, she bought him a miniature dust pan with a child-sized brush that makes cleaning up even more thrilling. He started the task at hand by scooping out pieces of brown avocado and dried up chickpeas, he isn’t very good at getting things into the pan, so we broke out his FAVORITE TOY EVER, the handheld vac.


hipster clothes for kids




Once he’d removed the chair of all its previous inhabitants, it was time to get the real work done. Give this kid a sponge, and he thinks it’s Christmas morning. I like using Mrs Jones Soapbox Soft Cleaning Scrub in our house (we’re also crazy about the laundry soap! It’s baby-friendly!)-- it’s an all natural, non-toxic scrub that can be used on pretty much every surface.








Since it’s a mineral based cleaner, I’m not going nuts if Eli gets some all over his hands, and am comfortable letting him use it to clean something he actually EATS off of. It does smell really, really good -- so just make sure they don’t try to snack on it.





Being the overachiever that he is, E didn’t just stop at the high chair. He quickly asked for more soap, and moved on to scrubbing our dining table, and the floors. All the better, because obviously I wasn’t planning to do it.





xo, A

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  • Erin

    I think this was quite possibly my favorite blog post ever. I will always and forever remember this!

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