Preschool Crafts: A Valentine's Day Gift for the Birds

Happy Valentine’s Day Guys!


I’ve been so excited to create Valentine’s Day crafts with daughter this week. There are so many adorable things out there to make with little ones. Today I wanted to share a super simple and sweet craft that is perfect for little preschool fingers. The birds will be pretty happy about it as well.


Cheerios (or fruit loops)
Pipe cleaners


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Let your little one string all the cheerios on the pipe cleaners. It’s seriously so simple but will keep them entertained for at least 20 mins. We all know that in toddler time 20 mins is a lot of time! Yay! Just twist the ends together when they are done and shape into a heart. You can make a chain of hearts or just do single hearts. Tie a piece of string to the heart so that you can hang from a tree outside. Make sure to hang you hearts in a tree close to a window your kids can look out of. They will get so excited when they see the birds snacking from something they made. 






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And if you want to be extra cheesy, make sure to say some sort of pun about them being a “tweet-heart”.

Jen Lula blogs over at Jen Loves Kev and is one of our favorite fashion blogs. Her style translates into her beautiful daughters, the youngest of which is single-handedly responsible for making the LHS headbands famous. 
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