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Friday in iPhone Photos: ‘Moments I Love’

I know it can seem funny to have just one random day a year designated to show your love for those important people in your life, but sometimes you just need a reminder to stop and be thankful for all that you have. Take the day to be grateful for those you love and for the moments you love!

So whatever your stance is on the holiday, at least be sure to take advantage of this time to say ‘I Love You’ to just about anyone who will listen and eat some of those nostalgic candy hearts. I wait all year to have an excuse to eat those boxes of Sweethearts!


‘Moments I Love’ captured on my iPhone.

1. Snowy neighborhood walks with Parker.

Snowy neighborhood


2. Writing notes to the ones you love.

Writing notes


3. Fresh eucalyptus.

Fresh eucalyptus


4. This little lady and her big heart.

big heart


5. Sweet baby girl dresses for Valentine’s Day.

baby girl dresses for Valentine’s Day


6. Tiny hands exploring music.

exploring music


7. The view from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Brooklyn to Manhattan


8. Red lipstick for any occasion.

Red lipstick




Amy Parker Anderson from Parker Etc blogs about fashion and beauty, plus life in NYC with her 8 month old daughter -- who happens to be one of our favorite LHS headband models, ever.


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