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Handmade Newborn Essentials Roundup

Whether you are shopping for that one-of-a-kind baby shower gift, adding special goodies to your baby registry or gushing over all things baby, then this is the list for you.  We created a little round-up of our Top 5 Handmade Newborn Essentials for all you baby-crazies out there.  We wanted to keep this list small and stick to some simple basics that are must-haves in any newborn world.  A little added special touch is that each item is handmade and made for love just for your little nugget - could there be anything sweeter?


1. Misha & Puff Handmade Knit Hat 

With each of my children, I always found that one special hat that would cover their precious little head moments after they were born.  This one is on my list for baby #3!  ;)

2. Friends & Co. Rattle Bird 

You cannot go wrong with a classic toy like this one.  How cute would it be to stitch in your newborns name on the body?

3. Nimii Booties 

Every baby needs a few staple items in their closet and if these don’t make the cut, I don’t know what does…

4. Soap Box Laundry Detergent and Softener 

Is there anything quite like a fresh load of newborn clothes?  You know that first time you wash all your little newborn items, waiting with anticipating for your sweet baby to come?  You want everything to be ready and everything to be perfect.  

5. Ellie Funday Baby Blanket 

I truly believe that every baby deserves atleast one AMAZING blanket.  You know the one that becomes a keepsake forever. Well, these Ellie Funday blankets are just that - keepsakes!  


xox Bri

Brianna and Brittany from Urban Cub never fall short in finding up and coming brands in children’s
apparel and design. They’re both moms to toddler girls, and Brianna has a darling little boy named
Silas who was born in July.
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