Best In Gear Roundup: Favorite Baby Items

So, “Baby Gear” is just nice way of saying “the stuff on your registry, that three different people have to chip in to pay for”. It’s a term I’ve never really cared for, but it really is some of the most essential items you’ll need when you bring home your babe. The nice stroller that’ll last until they’re a hundred and seventy pounds, the car seat that will make you less terrified to drive home from the hospital, and the travel crib you’ll ultimately sell on Craigslist when they turn one.

These are the items I feel totally OK splurging a little extra on, because they combine great design with keeping your baby safe.


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Puj Foldable Tub -- We did NOT have this tub (I think it came out after E was born) but if you live in a big city with limited space, or just have a tight-squeeze in your bathroom, this tub is brilliant. If a second baby ever graces our family this is the first thing on my ‘must haves’ list.

Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat -- I’m a huge fan of the Maxi Cosi brand, we had this car seat (not in pink, I swear) when we brought E home from the hospital! The best part about this seat is that its incredibly lightweight, so as your baby starts to fatten up, you can easily lug him around.

Stokke Scoot -- this stroller has everything I want. It’s lightweight, easy to fold, easily maneuvers in all kinds situations, and the seats can face out, or towards you. The added bonus is that the seat sits fairly high up, so if you’re in a big city with lots of traffic, you feel a little better that your kids face isn’t directly at breathing-level with car gunk.

Mamaroo by 4Moms -- the Mamaroo is one of those products that you don’t really think is a necessity until you’re on day 19 of no sleep, and your kid just wants you to do squats while you hold him…. and then you sign up for Amazon Prime so it can be at your doorstep within 48 hours.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib -- when you hear ‘Baby Bjorn’ you usually think of the carrier that makes it look like you’ve velcro’d a baby to your chest, but they MAKE OTHER STUFF! This crib is my favorite because it’s compact and incredibly lightweight (11 POUNDS! SOME BABIES ARE 11 POUNDS AT BIRTH!), plus it’s easy to take down has a great, sleek design. This is perfect if you travel a lot, or if you want to sleep in the same room but don’t want to be paranoid about squishing your baby all night long.




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