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I love cold weather, and having spent most of my childhood in the northeast, I’m a tried + true snow bunny. I still get excited over the fluffy white stuff, and sharing it with my children has made it all the more special. However, here in Pennsylvania (and much of the east coast), it’s starting to feel like eternal winter. The polar vortex has a steady grip on us, and we’ve been forced to get creative with our days lately, spending many of them inside. Cumalitive snow days, power outages, and twin toddlers makes for a real challenge. Fellow mamas, I know you feel me. But we’ve managed to keep smiling, and we get closer to spring with each passing day!

Bon weekend!

This view begs to be photographed.



Chalkboard creativity...Marie showing Henry how it’s done.


Escaping to the mall, shopping for my upcoming trip to France! Never enough black. can guess what her favorite color is.

Playing in the snow! Marie is obsessed...Henry is finally warming up to it!

My local favorite...the Book Barn. I could spend hours here (sans kids).

This girl loves the camera...a fun distraction on an afternoon indoors!




Susan Hutchinson, aka Fleurishing, is a killer interior designer, stylist + blogger with impeccable taste, and her beautiful boy-girl toddler twins dress better than Amy's extended family.

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