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Friday in iPhone Photos: Working At Home

It’s been another chaotic week in crazy town aka, working at home with 5 kids. Lucky for me, the 2 oldest girls head off to school for most of the day and 3 days a week, I get the house to myself to work without stopping 4 times to make sure Yo Gabba Gabba is still babysitting my kids. Not really guys but you get the point. My youngest trio head to my sisters -- yay for nannies right? But regardless, my days are jammed packed and than some. Here’s a little peek into my life at home hustlin’ through the days via my bff -- my iPhone.

1. I drink a lot of coffee and make a lot of lists. My favorite mugs? Mulberry Press.

2. Thankfully, I have a drive-through Starbucks two-minutes from my house. This makes conference calls and crazy mornings much easier. The hustle and bustle of the mornings is one of the hardest part of the days getting five littles out the door.

3. Photo shoots have become one of our favorite things to do. I always lay out and style the clothes before we gear up for their close-up.

4. Grayson, 16 months-old even says “cheese” now. Love dressing my little man!

Yes, that’s a Little Hip Squeaks scarf you see.

5. Do what you love, love what you do. Working at home can be rough, this hangs in my office as a true reminder.

6. Oh yeah -- more coffee.

7. I take-out a lot. My go-to lunch is a salad and sometimes I just have to order cheesecake. A little midday pick me up.

8. An organized desk is the only way to make it through a day.

9. Best part of working from home? These smiles.

10. I always have so much going on -- product placement, editorials, photo shoots -- my office is always filled with so many fun things.

11. Working on a fun project with Gilt Groupe -- I’m curating a sale next week! This is the fun part of my job. Sleepless nights? Not so much.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, friends!



Casi from CupcakeMag is a killer PR guru by day and a mom of 5… all the time. She also blogs at Disney Moms, and Babble.


  • Lauryn

    Your son is TOO cute! Where did you source his outfit from?

  • SheenaTatum

    Love these little smiles. I totally need that printable in my office as a fellow WAHM. ;-)

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