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OOTD: At The Toy Store

Scarlett is getting to the age where the toy store is starting to be "THE TOY STORE!!!!!!". 
When I take her there it is just a constant long smile. She runs from toy to toy, trying to soak it all in, and makes sure to stop and wave at any passing child. I love seeing what catches her attention in the midst of all the kids and toys around her. This day it was grocery store food and racetracks, but nothing will take the place of playing with other kids. It has to be what she loves most. 








Tribe is Alive: Strawberry Fields Forever tshirt

Little Hip Squeaks: Ultra Skinny Leggings in Plum Tally

Gap: Red polka dot printed slip-on sneakers

Bobo Choses: Yellow knit hat



Brianna and Brittany from Urban Cub never fall short in finding up and coming brands in children’s
apparel and design. They’re both moms to toddler girls, and Brianna has a darling little boy named
Silas who was born in July.


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