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Sibling Fun: A Playdate With Sisters


play dress up


Finley is finally getting to the age where Rowan and her can play together. It makes my mama heart want to explode watching them giggle and play. Rowan is such a sweet big sister always saying “oh Finley, you are so adorable”. One of their favorite things to do together lately is play dress up. These Opposite of Far animal masks are the perfect addition to our dress up box. So adorable. Finley loves chasing Rowan around trying to grab her tail. Rowan likes to pretend she is the Mommy deer and Finley is her baby. I am pretty sure we need about 10 of these animal masks.


dress up box

animal masks

kids in masks



Jen Lula blogs over at Jen Loves Kev and is one of our personal favorite fashion blogs. Her style translates into her beautiful daughters, the youngest of which is single-handedly responsible for making the LHS headbands famous.


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