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No Makeup. Don't Care.

Anyone who has ever had the luxury of bunking up with me at a conference, sleeping over at my place for a long weekend, or sharing a bathroom at a family vacation house, knows that I am a seriously low-maintenance woman when it comes to beauty. My hay day for makeup and accessorizing was way back in junior high, when I had dyed blue hair, hot pink glitter eye shadow and faux fur everything (I did a lot of my shopping at Hot Topic).

Since those horrifically embarrassing days, I’ve significantly simplified my life, mostly in part to being a mom, but more so because I’m a New Yorker -- I hardly have space for a coffee maker, let alone a drawer dedicated to makeup and jewels. I have only a small handful of items that I use and wear daily to doll myself up. Truly, this is it. I don’t even use face wash anymore (I have really sensitive skin, and always found it left my face bright red and irritated)!




I’m so low maintenence, that recently, I told my husband that as much as I loved my wedding band and engagement ring that I was just too much for me, and have switched to this amazing, simple gold hammered ring from Little Pancakes. I wanted something I could work out in, sleep in, cook in -- and never have to take it off. It’s lightweight and I hardly notice it’s there. Perfect for me. They're also offering our readers 15% off everything in the shop with no minimum order, just enter LHS15 at checkout!  


rose hip oil


I’m not big on jewelry, but when the husband and I have our weekly date nights, or if I’m going to brunch with a friend this necklace from Moorea Seal is my go-to. It’s so simple, yet so stunning.

My watch made its way into my life because I was looking for some retail therapy, and this was the only thing that looked good with what I was already wearing that day. It was under $30, had navy and gold, and makes me feel like a real adult.


no makep


Essential oils aren’t really “beauty”, but these are two things I use daily -- Rosehip Oil is great for preventing wrinkles, and healing old scars from acne or skin discoloration. I also use doTerra On Guard daily, I either take the beadlets orally, or pop them and rub them behind my ears to keep my immune system boosted. Aint nobody got time to be sick at LHSHQ.




Ok, if you want to ever know what the very best smelling thing on the planet is -- it’s Thai Lily perfume. I picked up this roller perfume at Anthropologie a few months back, and just a tiny bit goes a long way. It’s amazing, and the packaging is gorgeous.


So what about you? What’s your regimen look like?



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  • jennifer gentry

    dove beauty bar soap, aveeno SPF15 moisturizer and tinted to help with redness (light rosacia in cheeks), Loreal mascara, LipSmacker Dr. Pepper with either YG hoops or WG hoops. I have long hair and I always have classic twist when at work, or messy bun when I’m off-so I have small&large bobby pins always at hand.

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