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What's In My Diaper Bag: Edition II

First off - let’s talk about the diaper bag. Currently, I am carrying the Madeline in Brandy from Lily Jade, the designer diaper bag line. Describe it in one word? Genius. Yep, that about sums it up. I absolutely love that it can be a bag that I can carry, sans baby. It’s a two-for-one deal. It’s a diaper bag and a handbag. Score!


Why so genius? It has a removeable “baby bag”. Otherwise known as the wonder insert. With 16 pockets, the baby bag slips right inside my Madeline bag so I can nicely organized all of my daily essentials inside. Once I drop-off the kids with my nanny, I can just remove the baby bag insert, keep the bag, which consists of all my essentials and head out the door. It’s so awesome not having to carry two bags around. Because as a Mom, we have our hands full already.


baby bag


baby bags


So, what’s inside this beloved bag of mine? Come take a look!


diaper bags




kids toys


baby blankets


1. Baby Jack Blanket

2. Sippy Cup

3. Diapers

4. Wipes

5. Baby Rattle

6. Blabla Lovey

7. Little Hip Squeaks Headbands

8. Board Books

9. Hand Sanitizer

10. NuturMe Snacks

11. Extra Clothing

What baby essentials are inside your diaper bag?




Casi from CupcakeMag is a killer PR guru by day and a mom of 5… all the time. She also blogs at Disney Moms, and Babble.
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  • elenajames

    Your blog is very nice for organizing the baby bags.I would say that it is one of the best thing that you have provided in your blog for the mothers.And it also helped me a lot to keep my stuff in a organized way .For more nice baby bags visit . it provides the Designer baby bags of various variety

  • Naby

    It does look like a wonderful bag! Does it hold up well on your back with more weight when used as a backpack? I am getting serious backaches with my current diaper backpack, hence mining the web for a gorgeous and ergonomic one :)
    The straps look too thin and uncomfortable with more weight. Could I be wrong?

  • diane fond

    Honest Diapers,Wipes,Paci,2nd lovey(always) and a few onesies in case needed and they are always used….2 extra Dr.Brown bottles in case nursing not accessible..Always a few soft books….It is replenished when I return home….Looks great as I leave ,not so great when I return…but it is BABY FIRST!!!!!

  • Chelsea B

    Lots of diapers (two boys under 2.5), snacks, teethers, rattle, change of cloths, wipes, loveys

  • Dana Dailey

    Your diaper bags looks much more organized than mine. I just keep shoving stuff in there. I am afraid my 2 year old may be in there. LOL

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