Mom's Time Out

Ok, I realize that Friday is probably EVERYONE’S favorite day of the week, but it’s even more of a favorite for me. Let me tell you why…

I don’t work on Fridays. Well, not that much anyway. Fridays are my day with Eli, meaning my husband usually wakes up with Eli at the crack of dawn (even if it’s not his turn) and I get to sleep in a bit-- because husband knows I’ll be blowing noses, making car sounds with my mouth, and clapping for potty time the rest of the day.

Eli and I sometimes spend our day in a toddler art or music class, other times we have brunch together and hit up the local indoor play space, occasionally we’ll go to Ikea to open and close ALL the cupboards, and when it’s a particularly lovely day, we’ll just go for a long walk. I absolutely love having this special one-on-one time together, but when it’s time to head home for a nap, I cannot wait for my Mom’s Time Out…. see, when you spend 6 hours of one-on-one time outside of the house with a 2.5 year old, usually on some sort of expensive adventure, your husband feels the need to immediately take the toddler from your care and allow you to decompress.

Husband usually whisks Eli upstairs for a book and some brief play time, followed by the painfully long ritual of naptime, while I enjoy the pleasures of alone time in complete and utter silence downstairs. Mom’s Time Out.


tea time


There’s alway cookies. Or cupcakes. Or a doughnut. Or if I’m actually dieting, there’s bananas instead. Plus Pinterest. What’s a Mom’s Time Out without Pinterest? This is where I look at pictures of really great workout tips while I’m eating the cookies.

scented candle

burning candle

A candle, to set the mood. I literally never ever cared about candles until about a year ago. We moved into our current Brooklyn apartment and suddenly we had room for them! I have two from Candelles, and am obsessed. Lime Agave is basically a margarita without the calories (I’m already eating cookies, remember).

So tell me, what does YOUR Moms Time Out look like?


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You should try Prosperity Candle, made by collectives of refugee women (resettled in MA) and women in Haiti and Iraq. Tres bien!


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