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Kid Food.

Today is the first sunny, warm and lovely day that we've had in what feels like months -- husband and I took turns playing with Eli on our porch, while the other went for a run. E wore himself out pretending his bike was a motorcycle, and that his wiffle bat was a 'Very Important Tool", and eventually decided he needed a Banana Boat to gain back some energy.


kid food


The Banana Boat has been a long-time favorite food of E's, a simple recipe of a banana cut in half, then halved again, smothered in either fresh ground almond butter, or natural peanut butter and topped with some sort of extra bits. Typically, it's crushed up saltines, or shredded coconut -- but today I decided to give him a sampler platter. Popcorn, dried cranberries, chopped pecans, and organic granola. 


What's your little one's favorite food?





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