Spinach Silver-Dollars Pancakes // A St Patricks Day Recipe

As much as I love Pinterest, nothing makes me feel like a crappy, uncreative mother, than Pinterest. With a world of fun crafts, recipes and projects to do with your kids, that come out flawless -- it’s hard to wrap your head around all of it.

I’d seen tons of fun St Patty’s Day green pancakes floating around the internet, I knew it would be a really fun project to do together, because Eli loves cooking activities -- but I also know he doesn’t quite have the attention span (or dexterity) to measure out a long list of ingredients.

I decided to make some ‘cheater’ green pancakes, using our favorite all natural Kodiak mix (you can find it on Amazon, or at Target!) and since we also try to avoid artificial colors and flavorings, knew we could obtain a nice rich green color from blending up some spinach.




mixing bowl


We used our beloved Vitamix to blend up ¾ cup of water with a ½ cup of frozen spinach (Kodiak usually required a 1:1 ratio of water to mix, but my husband pointed out that the frozen spinach holds a lot of moisture), then added the mixture to 1 cup of pancake mix.


add the ingredients



mix them together


Getting your kids involved in the kitchen is guarantee for a mess, but it’s really so much fun. Measuring, blending, mixing and scooping. It’s a great opportunity to teach them about math and following organized steps to make something exciting.







Since we were adding in spinach to this recipe, I expected these to have a strong earthy taste, but they didn't! We could have served these with maple syrup without any distinct flavor difference, but since we were having these around lunch time, I wanted to make these a more savory style pancake. We picked up some delicious spreadable garlic and chive sheep's milk cheese at the Farmers Market this morning, and were pretty much looking for any excuse to try it out.





I used a tablespoon to measure out tiny portions of mix, and cooked them in a hot pan with a pat of butter, flipping them after about 90 seconds. One batch of mix made over a dozen mini pancakes!


This was such a quick, simple recipe, and Eli absolutely loved helping me make it. I froze a few extras to serve him tomorrow, with a nice big green smoothie! If you have a waffle maker, you can also make these some delicious green waffles instead, and make this even easier to whip up!


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