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Friday in iPhone Photos: Love Lives Here

Growing up, I was taught that little is more.  I was taught that family and love is everything and if you have these two things; you are the richest of them all.  When I started my own family, I knew I wanted those values to be passed onto my own children.  One way this speaks volumes in my own little family is in the walls of our home.  Maybe it also has to do with my style - but we keep things really simple around here.  Yes, my heart skips a beat over all the pretty little rooms and spaces you see on Pinterest, but at the end of the day my heart is full and completely satisfied when I gather up my children in my arms - LOVE LIVES HERE…And that’s all that matters to me.  

Here’s a little peek into our home and around the house - into my everyday with my little ones.

everyday with my little ones

Morning light


Little girl shoes

high chair



Leftover Valentine’s Day love notes

My survival kit

My survival kit

Porch hanging

Porch hanging


Everly’s bedroom corner. The pillow on her chair is from Ash & Anchor, and they're offering 15% off all orders through 4/30 for our readers -- enter XOXOLHS at checkout! 

bedroom corner

Silas’ bedroom corner

Everly’s little things

Everly’s little things.  (I love how the Chickfila cows get toted everywhere!)

sweet treat for a sweet girl

A sweet treat for a sweet girl

Have a marvelous weekend!!!



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