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Some of you may remember that we were hiring at the beginning of 2014. Around Halloween of last year, I started putting plans in place to hire two new staff members early in the year. Women who were preferably mothers, who were familiar with the LHS brand.


Then, in a total moment of sarcasm, I offered my 24 year old Brother In Law the job of Executive Assistant. He was living in LA, working as a stand up comedienne, and a part time food-truck worker and was visiting us in Brooklyn during Thanksgiving -- and he took it seriously. Very seriously. NYC has just as many (if not more!) opportunities for comedians (his end goal is to be a comic writer) and being the super laid back boss that I am, working with me would leave his schedule flexible to work on comedy and doing shows as often as he wanted. We did spend several months going back and forth on whether the move was right for him, and it wasn't until after I posted the job publicly that he finally made up his mind to come work for me.


Just a week ago, Zane drove his car across the country with my OTHER Brother In Law and started his first official day as the LHS Office Assistant on Monday the 17th.


We're so excited to have him around the office, and while he gets established out here, he's staying at our home (in the room that used to be the LHS studios!) -- Eli is absolutely smitten with him, and the two of them are just darling to watch interact together.


If you've ever wondered who else the "LHS team" really is, we've added this handy page to our site with everyone's details! Hope you'll help me in welcoming Zane to LHS! 


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