Printmaking for Spring


Printmaking for Spring

Happy Spring! Yay! Aren’t you so excited? I just wish the weather here in the Northeast would get the memo. It’s still like 25 degrees today. We are trying to keep our spirits high and stay busy with lots of art projects in our house. This printmaking project is great for toddler age kids and older. We are constantly working with Rowan on practicing holding pencils correctly and having control to trace lines and curves. This is a great way to practice those skills while having fun as well. I drew some spring flowers on one of the trays for her to trace the lines and then let her be wild and free with another one. We inked up the trays and then printed them down on paper. Viola! Simple printmaking for you and your little one.

Materials Needed:

Foam meat trays

Block Printing Ink (can be found at most craft stores)

Brayer (can be found at most craft stores)

Wooden Spoon


Pen or Pencil



1. Draw out what you would like your kiddo to practice tracing.


2. Or just let them draw whatever they would like on the foam trays. The foam is soft so they can use a pencil or pen to draw and it will work just fine for printing. Before you print them you will need to trim the sides off the trays.


3. Roll out some block printing ink (speedball is a great water based brand to use) on one of the extra trays with a brayer. Let your little one roll the ink on the the foam. Make sure they coat the whole print.


4. Place a piece of white paper on top of the inked foam. (You may need to help here a little) Give your little one a wooden spoon and let them rub the paper on top of the print with the backside of the spoon. I usually hold the paper down as Rowan does this so that the paper doesn’t slide around and make double prints.


5. Let them peel off the paper and feel your heart melt as you watch their face light up! Rowan was so excited to see what she drew printed on the paper.

Happy Spring Everyone!!


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