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Friday in iPhone Photos: Spring in Brooklyn

Spring has sprung! Well, it has practically everywhere but Brooklyn, where as I write this, there is snow in the predicted forecast for this evening. I’ll gladly accept all of your sympathy…… especially if you live in a place that is experiencing sunshine all around today.  As the temperatures rise here (if they ever do) people start to slowly come out of hibernation and the city starts to really come to life again. A new season means a new chapter, and we love new chapters in New York. There’s a never ending list of things to do here….. once the weather allows you to not have to wear a thermal bodysuit under your clothes.

(For the record, I don’t own a thermal bodysuit. If I did, it is likely I wouldn’t be married!)


1. Eating al fresco at our favorite local taco shop.

local taco shop


2. Fresh fruit juices.



3. Garden patios.

Garden patios


4. Packing the house with pastel flowers.

pastel flowers


5. More brunch gathers at our home now that everyone has come out of hibernation!

kitchen table


6. Spring scented candles.

Spring scented candles


7. Lazy weekend afternoons at the park.

baby girl headbands


8. New colors of our favorite moccasins!



9. Stocked up on shorts and headbands.

shorts and headbands


10. Did I mention you can never have too many Spring flowers?!

Spring flowers


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