Friday Adventures

As I've mentioned before, Fridays are Guydays. I spend the entire day with Eli, soaking up whatever adventure I can get our hands on. Now that the weather is finally WARM, we were able to spill that adventure into our entire weekend-- enjoying sunshine, special treats and long walks.


This week, Nate had a slow Friday so we were able to all grab breakfast together at our favorite little diner in Park Slope, before Eli and I headed to Prospect Park. Even though Eli was nearly two years old last Spring, he is a completely different person-- one who can have a full conversation about the sights around him and who can walk a long distance on his own without begging to be carried.

Friday Adventures 1

Friday Adventures 2

Friday Adventures 3


E strutted his stuff while I pushed the stroller and kept turning back to tell me "it's a beautiful day!" or asking me how my day was. He managed to walk an entire mile before he asked for a ride.


Friday Adventures 4


The boy had a quick snack while I tried to navigate how to get to my favorite playground that's nestled into the park.


PS I mentioned SNUPPETS on Instagram last week -- we are completely obsessed with this little snack pouch. It ends up filled with popcorn or sliced cucumbers and comes everywhere with us.


PPS It was almost 65 degrees on Friday but I had serious greasy mom hair and was forced to wear this beanie all day long to hide my shame.


Friday Adventures 5


We eventually made it to the playground, which I had completely forgotten has an enormous sand pit. I am sure this thing is laden with bed bugs and the measles virus and scorpions and fish bones, but there is absolutely no reasoning with a toddler when there's fun to be had.


See that little boy behind him in the yellow shirt? I was sitting on the park bench about 15 feet away when a DIFFERENT little boy ran over to me saying "EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME, YOUR SON POURED SAND ON A BOY AND HE DIDN'T SAY SORRY".


Friday Adventures 6


About an hour later of playing in the sand and sun, we both had farmers tans and decided we needed to cool ourselves off with some FroYo before heading home. I don't have the heart to tell Eli that euro style tart yogurt and dark chocolate chips is the most disgusting combination that there ever was.

I'm crazy about this kid, and a little sad that in a few short months we'll only have HALF Friday's together, as he starts preschool in September. But for now-- LET THE WARM WEATHER ADVENTURES BEGIN!



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Catching up on my blogs. So much fun!! Eli looks like he’s having a blast! Love the idea of Friday guyday! And I feel ya on that greasy mom hair…I’m guilty of it many times!


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