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Easter crafts

Sometimes I create craft projects that are a little over my daughters age level. They are still fun, but I do end up helping a lot. This can work out well and we do have a great time. Other times, it turns into a big giant mess and we have to shut the whole thing down early. As I was coming up with ideas for this blog post, I decided to try something I knew was a little above her skill level but thought would still turn out well. It did not.  It wasn’t even remotely close to what it was suppose to be like and Rowan was just getting frustrated that she couldn’t do it by herself. Back to the drawing board. I decided to scale it way, way back and create a super simple project that you could easily use the painting technique with just about anything. Rowan loved it because it involved pom poms and paint and it was totally something she could handle all by herself. No help required. Sometimes it’s good to challenge them but… sometimes the best crafts are ones they can just have at it and let their creative juices run wild.

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this very simple (but oh so fun) Easter egg craft.

Easter paint

Materials Needed:

Bristol Board


Paper Plate

Clothes Pins

Pom Poms



1. Cut out a few easter egg shapes from bristol board. You could really cut out whatever shape you wanted- Rabbit, flower, butterfly, letters, etc... The craft is really more about the painting technique than anything else.

2. Pinch the pom poms between each of the clothes pins

3. On a paper plate, squeeze out each of the colors of paint. Place one pom pom/clothes pin duo in each of the colors so there doesn’t have to be any mixing.

4. Let your little one dab and stamp away, creating patterns, dots and pretty colors on whatever you have cut out for them to decorate.

5. We let our eggs dry and then I let Rowan practice her penmanship by writing “Happy Easter” and creating little cards for her friends.

Easter crafts for kids

Easter egg crafts

Happy Stamping!

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