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I think I have to confess something. I love, love, love (a little too much) dressing my daughter in clothes that remind me of myself back in high school and college. I was that scenester girl, in lots of denim, studs, band pins, converse, spending all my money on shows.  Rowan was wearing a very plain zip hoodie the other day and as we were getting ready to go outside I threw on her denim jacket. The jacket over the hoodie made me laugh out loud. It was college Jen to a T.  She looked so darn cute I couldn’t even stand it. When this new denim vest from Curly Q’s Counter arrived I was beside myself. I couldn’t wait for her to wear it. I was glad she thought the studs were jewels and decided it was very “princessey”. Fine by me. Whatever gets her to wear what I want her to wear. This little girl is way cooler than I ever was (or ever will be). Now if I can just get her to say Saves the Day is her favorite band.

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  • Kathy Brumfield

    Just received my adorable jeans. So hard to find hip jeans for 3 to 6 month boys.Thank-You for posting your jeans on Pinterest. :)

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