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Baby I Love Your Way


Baby I Love Your Way


Here’s a question: where does the time go? No, really. Where? I have no idea how it was nearly a year ago that I was gearing up to have a baby. That was either so long ago, given the warzone like ordeal the first year of a babies life can be on a parent, or it was like only yesterday, in the sense that babies also force you to lose grasp on reality so my mom brain no longer understands time.  


headbands for girls

But here we are, inching closer with every week to the year marker. We’ve still got two more months, but if days keep zooming by like the have the past two months, then we will be in the summer heat of June any day now. We have fit so much into the past year and yet there is still so much we have to look forward to in the coming years with Parker. I so badly want to linger on these precious first months, but know that everyone keeps saying it only gets better!


headbands for girls


I recently watched this video again, as I’m sure you’ve also seen it floating around the interwebs this week. This guy was way before his time - that’s for sure! Way before the years of hashtags and Facebook albums dedicated solely to our children… there was this guy! He knew what was up. And what a cool thing to have and be able to watch with your kids - once they become adults and consider anything you did for them when they were younger to be cool. I can only imagine home many eye rolls he gets to capture on film during her teenage year. But it does make me realize how many years of life we have to look forward to with Parker, and how this first year will look like a spec in comparison. 



Baby I Love Your Way Bunting I Mosey

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