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Roundup: Adding Fun To Snacks & Meals

If your child is anything like mine, if it doesn't have chocolate drizzled all over it, it’s not good or worth their time. Getting Everly to eat these days in like pulling teeth. We are constantly trying to find fun things to add into meal time to make it more exciting.  

We have to keep her focused, or even better, distracted from the fact that she is even eating. Meal time really has become one of the most daunting times of the day. As we have been going through this season with Everly, we have tried a few things that have actually worked! The ultimate trick is to bring “fun and play” to the dinner table or to the food we are trying to get her to eat.  We have realized that the majority of the time that she doesn’t want to eat it is because she rather be playing, so if we can make all of that happen while she is eating, we are golden! Here are a few of our favorites in our house currently…

fun food for the little ones

one…  I am in love with these placemats from Modern-Twist.  We have gathered a few over the last couple of months.  You can doodle and color on them and then you can erase them and do it all over again the next meal.

two…  If you don’t own any Food Face plates, these are a must in any home!

three…  Plum Organics makes some really yummy fruit straws.  This is a great incentive to get your child to drink all their milk or water, because they get a little treat if they finish.  ;)

four…  These SNUPPETS are so cute!  It’s a puppet and a snack bag all in one!  Perfect for on-the-go and a must-have for car rides.

five…  We love our Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  Everly loves that it’s a “treat” and I love that it’s a healthy one.  Here are TONS of recipes, some I’ve tried and some I’m dying to try!  (These are also great treat for Summer!)

six…  I love this Landscape Dinner Set because it helps Everly learn how to set the table, plus it’s so cute!  I love the cloud bowl and the tree utensils!

Also, here are 60 fun ways to feed your kids!  I love all the creativity!

I hope these are helpful!  If you have any tricks you would like to share, I would love to hear them!

xox, Bri

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