LHS Summer Shoot // Behind The Scenes!

behind the sceens shoot

Our FIRST Summer Collection photo shoot (first of three, cue crying now) was just last week and we are absolutely head over heels with the captures we got of our latest pieces.

We've never worked with more than 2 children at a time, only one of which was mobile at the time -- so it was a completely wild, wild, (WILD) world to photograph three tots between the ages of 15 and 19 months.

For the most part, the babes were on their best behavior, but Beckett received the new nickname "Lighting Bolt Beckett" because he would not sit still! His momma, Jennifer, has worked for LHS for over a year and B has been modeling for us since last June. I cannot believe how big he is these days.




The look on Parker's face KILLS me! She's like "you SERIOUS right now?".




One thing I have learned in nearly 3 years of motherhood is that bribery goes along way. And the best bribery is always edible.




I have so many darling photographs of these two girls together; there was a lot of touching each others hair, ears, and fingers. Their birthdays are less than 5 weeks apart and they made me squeal from cuteness overload about 100 times.


We have another shoot scheduled for next week with a newborn, a one year old and my wild toddler -- so please do wish me some serious luck.




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