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Style It // Onyx Stripe Cozy Romper

I have a good amount of gender neutral items in both of my kids closets.  It’s funny because when my daughter was a baby she got called a boy.  And now my son get’s called a girl.  Odd, I know…  I really think people just don’t know so they guess, because I swear I dress them gender appropriately.  For instance, I may have a gender neutral ITEM, but I generally dress it accordingly with their gender.  If Everly is wearing something gender neutral or “boyish”, I normally throw on some girly colors or add a cute little hair bow.  And the same goes with Silas - If he is wearing something that may be considered “girly”, I would add in some boyish colors or boy geared accessories.  But then there are days where I couldn’t give a hoot and let people think whatever the heck they want to think, because it’s fun to do that too.  Here is how I styled one of my favorite LHS pieces - the ONYX Stripe Romper.  A style for Everly, a style for Silas, or a style for either.  ;)

Onyx Stripe Cozy Romper

boys outfit ||hat|| ||jean jacket|| ||converse shoes||

girls outfit ||headband|| ||sunglasses|| ||sandals||

neutral outfit ||crown|| ||matching stuffed animal|| ||sandals||

xox, Bri


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