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Let’s Get Crafty | Dream Catchers

Hi Guys! Hope you are enjoying your spring. We are neck deep in a room makeover for our girls at the moment. It’s almost done but I am at the point where I am trying to figure out what to put on the walls. Instead of buying something, I decided why not make a cute craft all together. Rowan loved the idea of making something for the walls in her room. A dream catcher is was! The fun part about this craft is there really are no rules. Anything goes. You can make strands of beads, feathers, braids, tassels, etc… and it all looks great!

craft day

Materials Needed:
Wooden embroidery hoop
Yarn in pretty colors
Colored pencils
Glue gun


1. I let Rowan draw on a piece of paper for a while. I told her to fill it with as many colors as possible. Then I drew shapes on the paper and she practiced her scissor skills as she tried to cut out the shapes. We used the shapes on the strands at the bottom of the dream catcher.

2. Then I loosened the hoop and took off the outer ring. With the smaller ring, I tied a piece of yarn around it and let Rowan wrap it around in as many directions as she wanted. We repeated this step with 2 colors of yarn. I tied off the ends and then put the outer hoop back on and tightened it up. It holds all the yarn in place.

3. The fun part are the strands of yarn at the bottom. I let Rowan string beads, glue pom, poms, and help wrap string to make some tassels. We tied each strand to the bottom of the hoop, varying the lengths of each one.

4. Tie a piece of yarn to the top of the hoop and hang up on the wall.


Jen Lula blogs over at Jen Loves Kev. Follow her on InstagramPinterest and Twitter!

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