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Style It // Anchor Cozy Romper

I don’t know about you, but my style for my kids can differ every single day.  Not that I can’t figure out what I’m going for, it’s just that I love a little bit of everything.   These are actually a few of my favorite styles for boy’s.  I love a boy all dapper and dressed to impress.  I love a cool boy, the surfer, bad to the bone kind all decked out skater style.  And my favorite - the sweet boy, because they are only little for so long.

Anchor Cozy Romper
||bandit|| ||plush fish|| ||sandals||

the coolboy||hat|| ||jean vest|| ||vans||

the dapper boy||hat|| ||sweater|| ||sperry’s||

I had a lot of fun styling around an all over print, like this Little Hip Squeaks Anchor romper.  When I dress my kids I try not to overcomplicate things and just keep it fun and simple.  So what is your favorite look?


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