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The Best Sand In Brooklyn.

Well, Eli has found his official New Favorite Thing: Sand.

As I’ve mentioned before, on Fridays it’s just me and the kid, and we always have some sort of adventure. Lately, the adventure means one thing: SAND. Seriously, all he wants to do is go to the sandbox, steal other kids ‘scooper trucks’ and sit in the sand for h-o-u-r-s. I really can’t say I remember when we took him to the sand for the first time, but I do know we’ve been at least a dozen times since then. Lucky for us, Brooklyn has plenty of sandboxes to keep things a little more exciting.

So, in honor of the boys favorite past time, we present you with The Best Sand In Brooklyn.

playing in Brooklyn

This sand box is round, and full of sand. Lots of sand. Your basic run of the mill sandbox. It’s at the base of Prospect Park, near the Botanical Gardens. This is my least favorite spot because 1) theres no place conveniently nearby to get coffee and 2) there’s very very little shade at this park. When your kid wants to sit in a pit of tiny, hot grains of glass for two hours, you want him to be remotely shaded.

Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park — this is kind of like the Taj Mahal of sandboxes. It’s massive, has a wooden train, tiny huts for kids to hide out in, and in warmer weather, there’s a huge splash park just behind it. On Sunday’s, you’ll also find the Brooklyn Smorgasborg just around the corner, where you can find 100 local food vendors making things like fresh mixed sodas, fish tacos, or gourmet meatballs. It’s also a perfect meet-up for playdates since there’s tons of seating (and shade)!

The sandbox at 3rd street in Prospect Park is our go-to. It’s easily accessible from our favorite place to grab froyo, and it’s a nice 5 avenue block uphill walk which means mama gets a mini glute workout in (before eating said froyo). The best part about this sandbox is that it seems to have become a dumping ground for people to just bring sand toys and leave them… forever. We always BYO Trucks, but there’s at least 10 buckets, scoops and other toys here to play with. This spot has been the site of many many tantrums when other kids bring better, and cooler construction trucks, but it still remains my favorite.

Ok — so this isn’t actually a sandbox, and it’s technically in Queens but Eli keeps calling it “the sandbox at the beach” so I’ll let it slide. We had an 80 degree memorial day and hauled it out to the Rockaways, where the sand is clean and luscious. Eli had a blast bringing buckets of (FREEZING) ocean water back to his spot, driving his ice cream truck over bits of seashell, and burying my feet. We are totally 100% a beach loving family, and I cannot wait to spend more of our summer days at this spot.



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