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The Funniest Father's Day Cards.

While it’s true that fathers are less important than mothers (I kid, I kid) — they still like to feel special on their Big Day. This year, Father’s Day falls between my husbands birthday and my own birthday, so I probably have to treat him extra special.

We rounded up a few of our favorite (hilarious) Father’s Day cards. I mentioned in our Mother’s Day card roundups that I don’t really do sappy, lovey-dovey cards, so avert your eyes if your more the sentimental type.

funniest father's day cards

I love you more than bacon… I can’t really confirm the validity of this claim, but it’s pretty amazing none the less. Find this card here!

Have all your limbs? Check, better dad than Darth Vader. Find this card here!

Just tell it like it is, you know? Find this card here!

…and this is the card I’ll be sending to MY father. Find this card here!

..and the one I’ll give to Nate. Awwww. Find this card here!
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