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Love Letters To Daddy

For father's day this year I wanted Rowan to decide what she would make him. I brought her over to Hobby Lobby and let her wonder around looking for a project we could make for Daddy. There needed to be a little reigning in- I don't think Kev would really love a sparkle carriage for Princess Aurora, but in the end she totally came up with this idea. We passed these little mailboxes and Rowan instantly wanted to paint it for Kev. She said maybe we could put letters in the mailbox that he could open. I suggested that we write out cards with reasons why we love Daddy so much. It was a solid plan! You could make this project as fancy and detailed as you wanted. We are away on vacation and away from my craft studio so our supplies were limited. I went simple with easily bought items. I can picture super cute sewn love letters though if we were home. 
love letters to daddy
Some kind of paint, marker, crayon, etc...
12 Envelopes and cards
Labels to make fake postage
Paper Mache mailbox. Found at Hobby Lobby (could make one out of cardboard)

1. We first sat down together and I asked Rowan all the reasons why she loved Daddy. I wrote them down as she listed them out. Some of them were hilarious, some were very, very sweet and some made no sense at all. All were cute though! 
2. I wrote out each card with one of the things she said and let Rowan illustrate the picture. 
3. We put each card in an envelope and Rowan practiced writing "Daddy" on the front of each one. We made cute little stamps for the corners using label stickers.
4. I let her decorate the mailbox with paint and watercolor colored pencils. We wrote "The Richardson's" on the side of it and stuffed it full of all the addressed love letters. 
I am pretty sure Kev is going to love it! 
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. 


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