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Happy, Birthday, Amy!

Hello, friends. It's me, the other Amy behind the scenes at Little Hip Squeaks. I'm coming out from behind the curtain on the blog today to share something oh-so-important with you all-- Amy's Birthday! 

happy birthday Amy
(Image made with the Rhonna Designs app, I have no graphic design skills myself.)

Today is the day we celebrate the 30 years she's been gracing this planet with her wonderful presence. I've known Amy for over a decade; we initially met on Livejournal (you can stifle your laughter now) and over the years we remained friends through marriage, children, good times, and bad. When she realized LHS was in need of expanding, I am so fortunate that she thought of me. Usually we have the type of friendship in which we lovingly tease each other but today only, I'll drop the pretense and wax poetic about some of the myriad reasons I adore her.

1) She is hilarious. I legit laugh out loud every time we text. 

2) She is so kind and generous, but doesn't like to broadcast it. She's good to people because it's just who she is, not because she wants recognition.

3) She keeps it real 100% of the time.

4) She's so humble despite the successes she's built by herself, and she's never afraid to acknowledge her weaknesses.

5) She loves so fiercely.

6) She's a fantastic mom. Take one look at Eli, who is so smart and sweet, and you can just se the great parenting behind that.

7) She's creative and innovative and she has fantastic business sense.

8) She has the kind of personality that just draws people to her. 

9) She has great taste in music. Rilo Kiley, anyone? 

10) And on a personal note, she just gets me. My husband tells people that I work for "An even Amy-er Amy." (yeah, I know.) I am so lucky to have her as one of my closest friends, and when you work at a job you love headed by one of your favorite people, every day is a good day. 

Happy birthday, Amy!


Amy Boyle is our VP of Operations and a mom of two.

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