And then there were two.

newborn clothes

I'm so excited to finally share the news that my little family will be adding one more member in early January! This baby has been wished for, for so very long -- and I am over the moon that the time has finally come to grow our family.

The past few weeks have been filled with intense nausea, only combated with bagels, mint-chip ice cream, and long afternoon naps, but as I hit the second trimester, I'm starting to feel like a normal person once again! I am really thrilled that Eli is old enough to (mostly) understand what a new baby means, and he's been making hilarious comments about how he'd like to get smaller and go in Mommy's tummy, so he can get the baby out. I mean, precious. E also frequently asks me if the baby is a boy or 'grill', and occasionally gives his input on names (my favorite so far is Kiko).

This time around, I am feeling so absolutely lucky and grateful that I don't have to stress out about maternity leave, I won't have to worry about pumping in a dark damp room, panic about getting a seat on my hour long train commute --- we're putting plans into place for me to bring the baby to the studio with me a few days a week, and I'll work from home in between.

baby bump
The first official bump-photo, was taken during our birthday trip to Philly last weekend. I wish I could say that gut is all baby, but I am guilty of partying too hard that weekend with brownie sundaes and spinach dip. I gained 87 whopping pounds while pregnant with Eli, and swore up and down that when the time came for me to have another baby I would absolutely NOT let that happen.

Anyone who follows me closely in Instagram knows I was doing the infamous Whole 30 diet during the very beginning of my pregnancy but when 6 weeks hit, it was like a switch went off that said 'AVOCADOS ARE AWFUL. EGGS ARE DISGUSTING. MEAT IS GROSS. VEGETABLES ARE POISON.' and it's been a bit of a struggle coming back from food aversions. It also doesn't help that I work in a studio where I can smell fresh almond croissants baking all day long.


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Congrats Amy!
We’re expecting our second baby (it’s a girl) november 12th .
Her big brother has 16 months…
I am unemployed since a was pregnant of my son , enjoy your work life …
Wishing you the best!.


Yay yay yay!!! I’m so so so very happy for you and your family!!


So happy for you!!! xoxo

susan // fleurishing

Awe! Congratulations!!! What a blessing another baby will be for you and your family!


I’m so unbelievably excited for you guys! How great, I squealed a little when clicking through from Facebook, in anticipation of what your secret was! And of course you’ll have to let me create a cool pair of kicks for you (Pretty please


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