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Style It // Onyx Tally Bodysuit

Josh and I got married young and started a family young, so the majority of our friends are just now catching up.  We’ve been to lots of weddings the last couple of years and now we are going to lots of baby showers!  YAY!  I personally love baby showers.  I’ve always been a big fan of trying to find items that are fun and different, so when it comes to baby showers I tend to stray away from the registry a bit and get some things that will be special and sweet for the new baby.  Gift baskets are kinda my “thing” when it comes to baby showers…  I have two friends that recently found out that they are pregnant with girls, so I’ve been planning on putting together a gift basket with an outfit for each of them and a couple extra little things...maybe off their registry or something I know they would love or something I have loved using with my own babies.  

Onyx Tally Bodysuit

A few of my personal thoughts and preferences when putting together a gift basket:

- I’m a big fan of knits, whether it’s a hat, sweater, blanket or booties, I feel like knit items are a must for newborns.  I chose this adorable Mor Mor Hat for this outfit!

- I love adding a piece from a favorite brand.  It’s like introducing a brand that I know they will get hooked on.  Little Hip Squeaks is a go-to brand.  Either their blankets, headbands or bodysuits almost always make it into a basket.  I chose the Tally Bodysuit for this outfit - a favorite!

- A staple handmade bootie.  I love shoes, so this is normally my favorite item to shop for.  I love Freshly Picked moccasins (probably the best baby shower gift ever!), knit booties, or a really dainty girly shoe like the Ruffle Baby Shoe I chose for this outfit.  I normally can search through Etsy to find a one-of-a-kind cute bootie!

- Baby Gap!  You can never go wrong with an item from Baby Gap…  I chose this denim bubble sunsuit to complete the look for this outfit.

- I love Sophie the Giraffe and I am always trying to find items that are similar to this toy.  Babies need little friends and play toys and whenever I find something soft and cute for little hands, I grab them.  I am in love with this Soft Play Elephant!

- Aden and Anais swaddle blankets!  Can’t go wrong!  This is a mama’s (and babies) favorite!  I buy a pack of 4 and typically take one out and add it to the basket for that extra special touch.

I’d love to hear your favorite baby shower go-to items!  Please share!

xox, bri

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