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Weaving with Toddlers

weaving with toddlers
Hey Everyone! 

Weaving seems to be all the rage lately, huh? I know I've hopped on board. I just love them! I decided for todays craft I would give Rowan a chance to try her hand at weaving. It develops good hand-eye coordination in little ones trying to weave under and over. It took a bit of help at the beginning but than she caught on and I could hear her whispering to herself "over, under, over, under". So cute! Using old CDs work great for the loom because they end up adding to the finished look of the piece, instead of having to remove the weaving from a wood or cardboard loom. Makes it a bit simpler for a kid and Rowan really like how "shiny" it was anyways. 

materials needed
Materials needed:
Old CDs
Large plastic yarn needles
pipe cleaners
strips of fabric

more materials
1. Tie yarn through center hole of CD. Then continue wrap yarn around the CD using the center hole to create your loom.  Make sure you have an uneven amount of loops when you finish. Tie off end. 
weaving with toddlers
weaving with toddlers
2. Tie first color yarn you want to weave to one of the strands on the cd. Thread end of yarn with needle and teach your little one the concept of "over and under" to create a circular weaving. By making sure there was an uneven amount of loops when you started you should be able to continue around and around going over and under each strand with out having any problem. 
crafting with kids
more crafting
3. Switch colors or material by tying ends to together and then continue weaving around. The yarn will end up covering any knots you made. Try a combination of materials or thicknesses of yarn to create your own personal look. 

4. Make a whole bunch and hang them all together!
project completed

Jen Lula blogs over at Jen Loves Kev. Follow her on InstagramPinterest and Twitter!

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