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Six Shirts That Are More Funny When You're Pregnant.

Pregnancy brings a lot of joys and heartwarming moments to your life -- but it also reveals the occasional cranky and disgusting person that lives inside of you. I'm the kind of person who likes to poke fun at myself when I'm not feeling my best and brightest, and these shirts are making their way into my life for exactly that reason.



funny pregnant clothing


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  • Lily

    The Cake by the pound seller has gotten horrible reviews about not shipping the shirts out

  • Vicki @

    “More sleeping less pants” yes!!!! I put on a pair of maternity overalls the other day, despite looking ridiculous, because I couldn’t stand the thought of a waistband anymore and didn’t want to battle with a dress or skirt!

  • Anna

    These are awesome! Do you sell these?

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