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Big Brother.

happy big brother
Every parent says that their child's current age is the “most fun age.” But it’s so true! The older they get, the funnier they are. This kid is a total blast, and he’s been hilarious when it comes to understanding that a baby is coming to join our family in a few months.

He’s very inquisitive about the baby (“are the babies hands in your belly?” "does the baby have eyes?" "is that baby coming out today?!") but has also shown just a twinge of jealousy. Recently, a package arrived for the new baby, and he asked “is it trucks? is it trucks for just the baby?” and has several times requested that he gets small and goes back into my belly. 

In an attempt to make him realize that being a BIG BOY is better than a baby, we’ve pointed out that babies don’t talk (they just cry!) and that they can’t eat real food (ice cream cones!) — which for the most part has been going really well, but occasionally, Eli wants to pretend to be a little baby. And it’s freaking hilarious.
tired child
He requested I "cover him up" like in the photo hanging on our wall when he was a little baby. A perfect fit. 

And here he is "crying" -- which frankly, this noise coming out of a 3 year old is far more annoying than when its an infant. At a moments notice he'll burst out doing this -- it could be while we're snuggling (as shown) or at a crowded baseball game, or in the middle of Whole Foods, or while we're driving 65mph down the Belt Parkway. A few seconds into it, he'll usually announce "I'M A LITTLE BABY! I'M NOT TALKING!" And the eye rubbing.... such a nice touch.





  • Alex

    Fakers are the funniest ❤️

  • kara

    Oh man your kid is cracking me up! hahah! Adorable. My son told me today our baby was going to be a doughnut with sprinkles. :P

  • Ashley

    Bahaha!! SO GREAT! That video made me about pee my pants..! He’s going to be such an awesome big brother! <3

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