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Three ways to get your kids eating healthy

Hi all you LHS babes, I am THRILLED and honored to be here! My name is Jenna & I’m a Utah girl who enjoys being outdoors, watching bad reality TV & cooking. I blog with my two best girlfriends at Small Fry, a children’s lifestyle blog.

Amongst us we have six boys and we share DIY’s, fashion, food & how to survive parenting all in one happy place. Come join us some time! I also instagram my food adventures & recipes on @jennaskitchen. I’ve ALWAYS loved food & cooking for my family but within the last year I’ve made huge changes in my kitchen to redirect our meals to a more whole way of eating. It’s not always easy but I’m here to give you three simple steps to get your family started eating healthier!

1. Go shopping with your kids!
shopping with your kids

I know what you’re thinking… "I hate shopping with my kids." Since the boys have gotten bigger it definitely  hasn’t been the most leisurely activity but on days when I’m feeling super zen and patient, I take them & it’s a fun experience. They love learning about unique vegetables & ways to cook them. I find that the grocery store is a huge teaching tool. As we walk down aisles we can talk about whole foods and why they’re nutritious for our bodies, I can also let them pick out healthy choices that they get excited about!

healthy snacks

2.  Eliminate snacks

Gasp. This is a really tough one but it makes all the difference in the world! In order to get your kids eating nutrient dense meals, you HAVE to cut out the snacking. Sure kids need more than just three solid meals a day but not that much more. They certainly don’t need 19 string cheeses & 25 apple sauce packets like my kids would try & convince me they do. When the house is full of bite size, easy (and often sugary) foods, it’s going to be what they want, beg for and what we tired moms will give in to! Some healthy snacks to consider and have pre-made and pre-cut are: hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, strawberries, celery, lunch meat & nuts!

cooking right
3. Involve your kids in the cooking process

Your kids will love feeling involved with you in the kitchen! Give them small jobs like putting herbs in the bowl, or stirring the pot with your supervision, setting the table etc… I’ve found when my kids feel invested in the meal they in turn feel invested in eating the meal! Plus it makes for super fun memories.

It’s a slow process to retrain your children in to eating healthy but I’ve found it starts with us as parents! It takes a ton of dedication and discipline and some days for me it’s just easier to order a pizza ;)  But I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I make the time & effort to feed my children nutritious meals & I know you will to!!

xo -Jenna

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