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Vacation, all I ever wanted.

Every year, in the middle on July, we travel to the most beautiful town in Maine with my husband's entire family (my parents-in-law, my aunt-in-law, my grandfather-in-law, and three brothers-in-law) -- it's the highlight of our year, and my husband's father and aunt have been going to the same place since they were teenagers! It's a great family tradition, and we've loved being able to take Eli here for the past four summers.
playing at the beach
We've made it a tradition each year to write E's name in the sand, although this year, as a child who no longer naps, and then spends hours on the beach eating little more than french fries and soft serve makes a very, very cranky photo. I chose this one because at least we can pretend he's yelling happily, instead of screaming at me.
Trolley Museum

Trolley Museum
Since Eli is such a huge fan of all vehicles and modes of transportation, we decided to take him to the Trolley Museum that's located just a few miles north of where we visit. My husband came here as a little boy with his grandfather, and it was so sweet to watch them climbing into old trolleys and train cars together!
petting zoo

vending machine
In between our hours at the beach, we were also able to hit up the local zoo and amusement park, which I think it's safe to say was one of Eli's favorite parts of the trip. He got to feed ducks, and goats -- and when we came across this well decorated Coke machine he announced, "I'll get the food for the tigers!".

We were also thrilled to find that this zoo had free paddle boat rides, and Eli got the luxury of riding with my husband and his favorite uncle around the duck pond, while I was the official paparazzi. This photo was snapped when I told Leo and Nathan that they should peddle backwards to get un-stuck, and in unison they said "you can peddle backwards!?". Oy.

In true pregnant lady fashion, I really went over the top with the treats on this trip. I think I ate my weight in french fries and s'mores, plus a handful of other gems we found in town.

Of course, most of our week was spent on the gorgeous sandy beaches of Ogunquit, where some of the best memories were made of Eli floating in the ocean in his uncles inflatable raft -- giggling like it was the best time of his life while water splashed him from every angle. This boy is such a treasure, and I can't wait to return next year with another baby in tow!!


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  • Robin

    Fun! I think family traditions like this are so important. My extended family hits the beach every year together, and it’s the same beach my grandparents have been going to since they were teenagers. It’s nice to have a vacation spot to return to each year – like an (awesome) home away from home!

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