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Friday in iPhone // Jen

Hi everyone! Just stopping in today to share some iPhone photos of a typical day for us. These are actually taken over a couple days but pretty much describe a regular day around these parts.

^^ most days start with Rowan climbing into bed with us around 7am for a few more minutes of sleep. Her new thing is that she has to have her face touching my face to fall back asleep. So sweet!

^^ I like to start the day with a walk or a run. I am training for a half marathon right now so there has been a lot of running going on. Rowan and I both got new shoes the other day.

^^ Pushing the girls in the running stroller by myself is no joke. We live in a super hilly neighborhood. Post run selfie.

^^ Love a healthy breakfast. Usually we make smoothies or some Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, hemp seed, chia seeds and a dribble of maple syrup.

^^ Getting dressed. Why is it so hard to get everyone dressed, hair and teeth brushed, shoes on and out the door? It takes us forever.

^^We usually run errands in the morning. It most likely includes Rowan and I giving Finley all the stuffed animals at the store and watching how happy she gets. It never gets old.

^^ Finley usually falls asleep sometime while we are out and about. Poor girl. The second child has to go with the flow and sleep where she can


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