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The word "adventure" kind of intimidates me. I mean, my first thought before putting together this post was naturally to pack up only the bare essentials, strap the littles to our backs & scale a large mountain of sorts. My hair would be perfectly coiffured, my children perfectly dressed & my husband shirtless, covered in just the right amount dirt. Casual, yet ruggedly daring. Oh, a few problems;  I don't own hiking boots & those sorts of picturesque mountains don't exist around where we live, just outside of Toronto, Canada! Phew!

What I do own, however, is one bad ass double stroller, sensible orthopaedic footwear (they're back in style now, you know?) & a little family who is always game for new experiences, with many wonderful places to explore around us.
adventures in Toronto
After the ridiculousness of the Winter we've had (think polar vortex, but worse), we've been itching to get outside as much as possible & bask in the glorious sunshine.
swimming at the pool
baby headband
We've discovered outdoor public pools! I was a little skeptical at first (I pictured bandaids floating everywhere) but we've been hooked ever since our first visit. We're lucky that ours has a kiddie pool that's shallow enough for Henri to navigate "himself", with us close behind of course. Independence is VERY important to two year olds as I'm learning & he's not shy to motion that he DOES NOT NEED YOUR HELP. That stiffly extended toddler hand, shooing me away repeatedly, haunts me. They’re both such little water babies!

It's become a family ritual to visit our favourite Farmers' Market early each Saturday morning. We love the one at Evergreen Brick Works for the great vendors, fun activities for kids & beautiful grounds to explore.

We've been blessed with a child that eats E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. He approaches each vendor, head tilted back so he can scope the goods (being short ain't easy), all while flashing his deep baby blues eyes in hopes to get some goodies handed to him. Mission is usually accomplished, as he dances happily along to the next booth with a mouth full of deliciousness. He knows how to work people & is highly food motivated. A trait I hope will take him far in life (pffffft).

Magnolia is just happiest tucked in her wrap, taking in the sights & sounds. She loves giving gummy smiles to anyone who will stop & chat with her.

On a particularly warm & sunny, day we decided to take Henri to Canada's Wonderland  for his first official amusement park experience. Personally, the whole ride thing makes me a little nervous (control issues), so I was happy so snap away while the boys went on ride, after ride, after ride.

It was fun to watch Henri wait patiently in line, get awkwardly close to the other kids (he hasn't gotten the personal bubble memo yet) & babble in their faces with excitement. He even clapped before & after each ride! Fun mission accomplished!

He loved sitting on daddy's shoulders & got a real kick out of pointing the direction he wanted to head in. Daddy was a good boy & obliged to his every demand. Toddler heaven!

One of my favourite things ever are flowers (hello,I named my daughter Magnolia for crying out loud)! So when my friend Becky of Blush & Bloom invited us to her flower studio to pick up a itty bitty flower crown for my little girl, she was unknowingly making all my bloomin' dreams come true!

The space is incredible, her work is outstanding & that perfect little flower crown perched upon Nola's nearly bald baby head was almost too much for me to handle.I can't wait to get myself into to the next floral workshop they host or at least throw a party littered with their beautiful blooms (don't worry, you'll all be invited)!

We always drive by a darling little farm not too far from us who has a 'Pick Your Own Raspberries' sign out front. We decided to stop in & had the most fun impromptu family love fest ever!

We ate about a million raspberries, ran all over the place like crazy people & nearly got attacked by a swarm of hornets, all with the biggest smiles on our faces. We all got cute little buckets with string shoulder straps tied onto them & had races to see who could fill theirs up the fastest. Henri “won”, as all two year olds do.

If there's anything I know for sure, it's that adventures are what you make of them. When I'm surrounded by my family, making memories & enjoying our time together, I'm happiest. They are my most wonderful adventure!

Happy adventuring everyone,
Mama In Bloom// xo

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I love the shoes that you and your son are wearing! Can you tell me the brand?


Fantastic post Tania! Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us!

Mary-Claire W

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